Management tools for boards of directors

XPERCA guides, structures and supports the day-to-day management process for officers and board members.

Who is XPERCA for?

XPERCA offers tailored management tools to all organizations that have boards of directors.
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XPERCA features
  • Governance
    Informs and guides
    board members.

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  • Stakeholders
    Database of your organization’s stakeholders.

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  • Meeting
    Guides and structures meeting preparations, the meeting itself, and meeting follow-up.
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  • Finances
    Management of your revenues, expenditures, payment tracking and budget.
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  • Communications
    XPERCA newsletter and communications with your members and stakeholders.
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  • Archiving
    Secures your organization’s information and administrative data.

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Xperca automates meeting organization

  • Start of the process
    Guide users by informing them and structuring their actions.
  • Notice of convocation
    Create and send out a notice of meeting, step by step.
  • Meeting Agenda
    Quickly add and change the draft agenda.
  • Meeting Minutes
    Creating the minutes has never been this easy.
  • End of the process
    Back up and archive meeting data.
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