XPERCA is the manager par excellence, offering the best management tools for your organization's officers and board of directors. XPERCA supports the officers—often volunteers—who sit on boards of directors by structuring their work.

XPERCA's services include practical tools, training, information and interactive communication. XPERCA covers good governance, stakeholders, meeting organization, finances, and communication, and includes a feature for archiving the data on your organization’s activities.

XPERCA’s mission

XPERCA’s mission is to develop tools with the goal of streamlining management and meeting boards’ diverse needs so that directors and volunteers can maximize their impact on their community.

Who is XPERCA for?

XPERCA offers an array of tools to all organizations with boards of directors, as well as municipalities and other public structures that want to offer support to the organizations that operate in their territory. XPERCA works with you and for you!

XPERCA partner

Centraide Canada
United Way of Canada is a non-profit organization with 117 offices across Canada. Each entity shares the same values and goals: “to strengthen their communities and improve quality of life for Canadians.”
Source: www.unitedway.ca

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